Robin Gilbert and Carlos Fittante in "Tigerlily and the Dragonfly". Photo: Julie Lemberger

"Devas, Divas and Mortals" in the Bronx, NY

On March 24, BALAM presented Devas, Divas and Mortals, created specifically for the Freshman Year Initiative program for its annual concert at Lehman College. This new program, featuring a host/comedian, a meditation video and of course, BALAM's cutting-edge fusion repertoire, was a resounding success for faculty and students alike! Read some of the comments from teachers and students below.

"This was the best program to date! The students just loved it."
- Phyllis Cash, Coordinator for Special Programs for the Freshman Year Initiative

"I have heard the phrase, A picture is worth a thousand words. I feel like this performance is worth a thousand thoughts. I got to travel all around the world and learn their cultures in just a single hour."

Oleg Tambulilingan (Balinese dance)

"My English composition students expressed admiration for the dancers' skills and the host's talents, as well as gratitude for being introduced to a thought-provoking performance. Their reactions are a testament to the power of dance and theater, and the lessons we can all learn from art." -Nita Noveno, Adjunct Lecturer, English Department at Lehman College

"The host told funny jokes and compared some of the performances to life."

Inma Heredia as guest host

"I like how the dancers used puppets in order to depict the ups and downs in relationships."

Wayang Blues (Shadow Puppets)

"I enjoyed the meditation session alot."

The 5 Senses Meditation Video

"I really liked this performance because I feel we can all connect to it in one way or another."

Audience participation.
Photos: Julie Lemberger

Quotes from Other BALAM Activities, March - May, 2010

3/27 Balinese Dance Master Class
"The Balinese dance solo you did is fantastic. We felt the vibrations of ancient ancestors and a far away small, powerful island." -Kathryn Posin, Adjunct Professor at New York University, Gallatin School of Individualized Study

4/16 Mistress of the Arts: Music & Dance in Madame Pompadour’s Versailles
"Carlos danced so superbly and the choreography was so beautiful and thoughtful."
-Wendy Heller, Professor of Music, Princeton University

4/28 Grace & Grandeur-An Introduction to Baroque Dance
"(Carlos) Your Arlechino was delightful, moving, and funny. You were brilliant!"
-Lionel Party, Professor of Baroque Music and Harpsichord, The Juilliard School

5/3 Arts Week-St. Thomas's Day School
"Thank you Carlos for the wonderful dance workshops. Without a doubt, you are masterful in terms of engaging children in the whole process. They just love working with you." -Roxanne Turekian, Assistant Head of School, St. Thomas's Day School