Robin Gilbert and Carlos Fittante in "Tigerlily and the Dragonfly". Photo: Julie Lemberger

Founding Director, Islene Pinder's Letter Back Home

Dear BALAM Firends:

Working with my Balinese family and BALAM's collaboration with the famous Semara Ratih Gamelan is the most remarkable experience of my life. Bali Tour 2010 has been a success! Our performances have been very well received by audiences.                          

We are in all the local Balinese newspapers and individual retreats have invited us to perform solos and duets. This is such an honor for us.
I am returning to the stage after a ten-year hiatus and dancing in Harlequin's Charade based on the humor and absurdity of the Balinese Topeng (masked) dance.    So far, we have seven performances lined up.
During my rehearsal with the gamelan company, Anom Putra (my godson and the director of Semara Ratih) said I had charisma. From Anom, this is the best compliment one can get and shows this old lady isn't so old.

Until we meet again,                                                                               
(Sampai bertemu lagi)

Islene (Bu lene)