Robin Gilbert and Carlos Fittante in "Tigerlily and the Dragonfly". Photo: Julie Lemberger

BALAM's 2014 Balinese Dance Masterclass at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts

"Every year, without fail, I have Carlos Fittante come to teach a Master Class in Balinese dance to my students at Tisch Dance, NYU.  He performs for them in full regalia, then dresses them in sarongs, introduces them to the technique, and gives them the opportunity to work with the unique masks he has collected from his trips to Bali over the years.  The breadth and exposure they receive from Carlos in that 90 minutes is a remarkable gift of education that could never be gleaned from a book or film.  They come away enriched by his talent and deep knowledge of Balinese dance and culture."
- Patricia Beaman, Adjunct Instructor, Dance History, NYU Tisch School of the Arts